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Mk4 TurboPod

Mk4 TurboPod


A complete kit with a Mk4 center-mount ColumnPod and Indigo 30 in Hg, 30 PSI boost gauge

VW Mk4 ColumnPod

1 x Mk4 ColumnPod

Simple install, slipover pod.  Holds gauge in center of steering column.

In stock
Indigo 30 in Hg 30 PSI Boost Gauge

1 x Indigo 30 inHg, 30 PSI Boost Gauge

Perfect match for VW indigo instrumentation. Includes gauge, integrated NoBuzz fitting, boost tubing, 1.8T t-fitting, connectors, zipties

In stock
  • Description

    Product Description

    Comes with Mk4 ColumnPod™ , Indigo 30 In.Hg – 30 PSI boost gauge, 6 ft nylon tubing kit, 1.8T t-fitting, electrical wiring, and connectors.

    The ColumnPod is a center-mounted  pod  that fits over the upper steering column cover. It is matched in color & texture and looks like a OEM installation.

    Simple to install, you can quickly add 2″, 2 1/16″ or 52mm gauges to your steering wheel column.

  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight 1.1 lbs
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