Indigo™ Gauges

in•di•go \in-di,go\ n: 1: the color of light between 440 to 420 nanometers in wavelength, placing it between blue and violet 2: the color of the 2 lastest generations of Volkswagen instrument panels 3: a new gauge family from NewSouth Performance, specifically designed for Volkswagens.

Using the identical LEDs that light the Mk4/Mk5/B6/B7 Volkswagen instrument panel, the Indigo™ gauges are a new, cost-effective option for VW enthusiasts.

With details such as a lighted red needle, a backlit black gauge face, and lettering that matches the instrumentation, the Indigo™ gauges will give you that factory look.

Pre-wired and complete with connectors, and fittings, the Indigo™ boost gauge is an economic and simple solution for matching your Volkswagen instrumentation.

Mk5 dash

Indigo Boost Gauge & Accessories

Mk5 dash


Mk5 Indigo 0-30 in hg, 0-30 PSI Boost Gauge

Includes gauge, FSI NoBuzz fitting, nylon tubing, connectors, zipties



Boost  Gauge

Indigo 0-30 in hg, 0-30 PSI Boost Gauge

Includes gauge, nylon tubing, connectors, zipties

Indigo 35 PSI Boost Gauge
Indigo 0-35 PSI Boost Gauge

Includes gauge, nylon tubing, NoBuzz fitting, connectors, zipties


Indigo -1 to +2 Bar Metric Boost Gauge

Includes gauge, nylon tubing, fittings, connectors, zipties


Indigo 100 PSI Oil Pressure Gauge

Includes gauge, low-profile inductive sender, wiring, connectors, zipties


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Indigo 2200
°F Pyrometer (EGT) Gauge

Includes gauge, probe, fittings, connectors


Indigo 300
°F Oil Temperature Gauge

Includes gauge, 1/8-27 NPT or 10mm sender and connectors



Indigo Voltmeter

Includes gauge and electrical connectors

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Indigo Trim Ring

Made from stamped steel and powercoated to match the VW instrumentation trim. Will only fit NewSouth Indigo gauges.


For Indigo TurboPod bundles, Choose your model of car:

VW Mk5 Golf, GLI, GTI, or Jetta - 2006+
VW Mk4 Golf, GLI, GTI, or Jetta - 1999.5-2005
VW Mk4 Gauge Panel bundles
VW B5 Passat - 1998.5-2005